Using Biotin for Hair Growth

Using Biotin for Hair Growth

The use of the supplement biotin to aid hair growth has become a popular form of treatment for hair loss. Biotin, also known has vitamin B7, was discovered in the early twentieth century. Scientists later learned that biotin played a major part in promoting cell growth in human bodies.

Studies have since shown that biotin also helps promote stronger and healthier hair. As a result, numerous hair care products include it as an ingredient, and biotin supplements have become part of many hair-conscious diet regimes.

Giving Your Body Enough Biotin…

The best way to get a healthy dose of biotin is through your diet. Most people already obtain enough through their normal diet. Liver, raw egg yolks, and peanuts are known to have high concentrations of biotin, but numerous other foods also provide you with a great source for the vitamin. Not to mention under normal conditions your body is also able to produce biotin. Nature's Bounty Biotin 10,000 Mcg, 120 Rapid Release Softgels (2 Bottles)

If you have a deficiency or you want to increase your intake of biotin for increased hair growth, then you should take a biotin supplement as opposed to using a topical treatment. It does not absorb well through the hair, so biotin-based shampoos, conditioners, and topical creams will have little effect on hair growth. Some of those products may however improve the thickness of your hair, which will give you the appearance of having more hair. Nexxus Vitatress is a great example.


Does Biotin Really Improve Your Hair?

There is no doubt that taking biotin supplements can help improve the overall quality of your hair. Despite varying reports regarding its effectiveness for hair growth, a lot of people who have taken the supplements have reported some decent results. After you start taking biotin, you’ll first see noticeable improvement in the health of your nails. It may take a month or longer, but soon after you will start seeing great results for your hair as well. You’ll notice thicker, healthier hair with less split ends. Healthy hair tends to grow faster, so in that respect using biotin can be quite effective.

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Biotin for Hair Loss – How Long to See Results?

For most people taking Biotin you will see the results after 30 days. This is an approx time frame as each person is unique. Some may see results quicker than others.

Biotin Results after 30 Days!

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