Do Hair Growth Supplements Work?

Do Hair Growth Supplements Work?

In addition to prescription medicine and topical cream, hair growth supplements are also frequently used to help combat hair loss. There are a number of different supplements on the market today. Some are very well known, while others are relatively new additions.

Among the supplements that we will discuss in this article are biotin, Provillus, Advecia, Maxahair, and the Nioxin Recharging Complex. These supplements approach hair growth in different ways, but each one has its benefits depending on the particular user.

Do Hair Growth Supplements Work

Hair Growth Supplements – Do They Really Work?

Nature's Bounty Biotin 10,000 Mcg, 120 Rapid Release Softgels (2 Bottles)Provillus is a hair loss treatment system.Hair Growth Supplements, like Advecia, assist in hair regrowth.Maxahair is a hair loss supplement that can assist in the growth of hair.


Hair growth supplements often make bold claims about hair regrowth. As we all know, these claims are rarely the complete truth. That being said, there are some excellent hair growth supplements that will provide positive results. Advecia is a hair growth supplement that makes use of various vitamins and minerals in its formula. Some of the natural ingredients include saw palmetto berries, green tea extract, and grape seed extract. There have been varying reports as to the effectiveness of this product. Some men and women have seen great success with hair growth, while others haven’t been so successful. The fact that it is natural and has no side effects makes it a hair growth supplement worth checking out though.

Provillus is actually a hair growth system. It includes the Provillus hair growth supplements and a minoxidil-based topical solution. When used together, they have proven to be quite effective. On its own, though the Provillus hair growth supplements do not seem to be very effective. Therefore these supplements are only worth taking if you are using them in conjunction with the topical solution.

The hair growth supplement Maxahair has shown results that are similar to Advecia. It is designed to block the production of DHT, which is the primary cause of hair loss. It is also used to improve the overall health and thickness of your existing hair. As a hair loss treatment, the results have been somewhat mixed. For younger men and women who have just begun to lose their hair, it seems to be moderately successful in preventing further hair loss. If you are looking for a hair growth supplement that slows down your hair loss and improves the overall health of your hair, then this is a great alternative to other treatments. Just don’t expect significant hair growth from this product.

Do Hair Growth Supplements Work

Healthy Hair Comes First…

Biotin is probably one of the most well-known vitamin supplements used to improve hair. Biotin is primarily used to improve the health of your hair and nails. Many people who take biotin daily have reported improved health and thickness of their hair. Alternative medicine specialists suggest that taking large doses of biotin can help your hair grow faster as well as become healthier. Those who suffer from biotin deficiencies will see much greater results when they take this supplement.

As far as hair growth supplements go, the Nioxin Recharging Complex is one of the best available. This supplement is not marketed Nioxin is an excellent dietary supplement for hair.specifically as a hair loss treatment. Instead, it promises to improve the overall health of your hair, which will then result in better growth. It keeps its promise. The majority of people who have used this hair growth supplement have seen significant improvement in their hair, nails, and skin. In addition to hair growth supplements, Mira Hair Oil is another alternative treatment you may be interested in. It’s a natural oil that improves the overall health of your hair and shows potential as a hair loss treatment.