Using Minoxidil to Treat Hair Loss

Using Minoxidil to Treat Hair Loss

This white haired man learned how to grow hair faster using minoxidil based products.The first step to treating hair loss is determining why it isn’t growing in the first place. Genetics, hormonal changes, diet, stress, and lack of proper hair care all contribute to hair loss problems.

Some of them are temporary problems that can easily be fixed. Other issues, like heredity and hormonal changes, are not so easily dealt with. There have been products sold for centuries that have claimed to cure hair loss. Most of those products were unsuccessful, but there were a few that showed some effectiveness. The oil-based remedies from Ancient Egypt and India are a good example. They demonstrated success in treating hair loss for some individuals but not all.

Advancements in recent years, however, have allowed scientists to develop more reliable treatments. So if you really want to learn how to get the hair to grow, continue reading about minoxidil-based products below.

How to Grow Hair with Minoxidil…

In recent times, scientists have concentrated on developing hair loss cures that will stimulate hair follicles which have died. The hope is to allow the hair growth to be natural. There has been a lot of success in this area. Products that have minoxidil in them have proven to be effective for the majority of users. Most people using minoxidil have seen their hair loss stop, and some have had a regrowth of hair. Not everyone achieves results using minoxidil though.

Rogaine is one of the most popular minoxidil-based products available. Hair loss products that have minoxidil typically have different formulas for men and women. This is necessary due to hormonal differences. The drug does have some side effects which may deter you from using it. You may have some burning or pain on your scalp. Allergic reactions or other health-related issues may arise as well.

How Effective is Provillus…

Another product that has proven to be effective in numerous studies is Provillus. Provillus is another hair loss treatment that utilizes minoxidil in its formula. The major difference that exists between Provillus and its competitors is the addition of Azelaic Acid in its formula. There is evidence that suggests Azelaic Acid boosts minoxidil’s ability to repair hair follicles.

The Provillus treatment combines a dietary supplement with a topical formula that is applied to the areas of the scalp that are suffering from hair loss. It comes in two formulas, both for men and women. Provillus often takes up to 3 to 6 months before significant results are seen. A 180-day money-back guarantee makes the decision to try Provillus a bit easier. Click here to get Provillus.

Further advances are always being made in the treatment of hair loss. As research continues, new discoveries will be made and for that reason, current hair loss remedies are always being updated. The good news for anyone suffering from hair loss is that lots of research dollars are being pumped into the hair loss industry. This can only spell good things for the future. For more information on how to grow your hair faster, check out some of these recommended books on hair loss.